Monday, 31 March 2014

Making a difference

Volunteers Fabiola Matute and Aleka Quintana are working so hard  with our kids, and enjoying every minute.
The two girls, from Mexico city, have been friends since
 they were children and volunteering in Africa is a dream come true for them.
They also put in a huge effort before they came, raising a total of 1000 pounds for the Happy House, and also spent a great deal of time and effort planning activities to do with the children.
These include a project on Children Around the World – they have  made Hawaiian leis, Red Indian headdresses, Mexican pinatas ,taken a imaginary trip to the pyramids and enjoyed flying the flag for Great Britain.
The children are having so much fun getting a glimpse of the way children live in other countries and Ally and Fab are bringing them so much.
They are always busy, assisting in school,  helping out with the babies  or turning their hands to anything that is needed. 
When school's out they're down at the play area, playing and singing with the kids.
Sadly, Aleka will be leaving on April 9 (and how hard it will be for her to drag herself away) while Fabiola is with our family until the end of April.
They will be missed, but, we know, the Happy House will remain in their hearts forever.
Volunteers, of all ages and from many different countries and backgrounds, have so much to give to our family and we know that their experience with us will change their lives for the better too.
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