Saturday, 22 March 2014

A taste of honey

Life at the Happy House is very different from the world that most of us are used to ... and you can't take anything for granted.
Mama once arranged for a decorator to come to do some painting, he turned up as arranged but without a brush. She had to dispatch someone off to get one!
Then there was the time buying material in Malindi took forever, as every time it was measured it came out a different length.
Our family shopping order, sourced at the cheapest prices for us, comes all the way from Malindi in a tuktuk, and it's hard to imagine how they squeeze it all in to such a small place. But the locals do seem to be able to get anything into a tuktuk. Goats, mattresses, tables, chairs...
Our kids love  honey on bread for breakfast, and when honey is delivered it comes in a bucket - with a layer of dead bees on the top!
The honey gatherers, who don't wear any protective clothing when they climb the trees to collect the spoils, brush the crust to one side, and scoop clear honey out into bottles.
It might look off-putting when as it arrives, but it is delicious.