Friday, 14 March 2014

For love of Lovinne

Happy to be in school
Lovinne owes her life to the woman who stole her away when her grandfather was preparing to bury her alive. She was six months old.
Her father, who was not married to her mum, had died and her maternal grandfather wanted to be rid of the child.
‘’ He didn’t want her in his sight. The person was digging the grave and the kid was there lying on the ground, when an aunt was told what was happening and she steal her and bring her to my mum, her father’s mum,’’ says Getry.
Getry is one of our teachers, a lone mum of two children herself, who took over the care of Lovinne, now 11, when the responsibility became too much for her elderly mum.
‘’We took the matter to the chief, we wrote the whole story, but nothing happened,’’ said Getry “my mum is old and could not look after her, so I took her in.”
She got Lovinne, who knows the  her the story of her past, into a local school , sponsored by a European  organisation.
 When it withdrew its support Lovinne lost her place, because Getry could not afford the fees.
‘’I tried to find her a place in a Government school but could not,’’ says Getry 
“’she wants to learn and wants one day to be a doctor. I help her with her studies.
‘’I tell her God will provide for you and she says: I won’t cry, aunt,I will just pray, God will find a way.’’
Lovinne has been given a Happy House scholarship, she is overjoyed and so is Getry.
‘’I am happy. The education here is so good and the teachers really love to teach.
‘’It is not like Government schools where teachers sit about and don’t care much about the kids. They may have 80 in a class and it is not possible to teach every child in your class. Some always get left behind.’’

It cost 25 pounds a months to sponsor a Happy House Scholarship student. If you would like to know how you can change the life of Lovinne, or another child like her, please email