Wednesday, 5 March 2014

School report: Building on our strengths

School manager, Madam Rose reports:
After the monthly exams it's easy for the teachers to identify the weak areas encountered by the pupils. This provides us with the opportunity to help build our children’s confidence and ability with remedial classes.
 We are very grateful to have well educated volunteers who play a big role in assisting with remedial teaching enabling children to work individually or in small groups.
 We set some free time everyday for this session.
This helps to build the morale of the children as they are always eager to improve themselves and also learn more to achieve their goals as the motto states happy education bright future.
It also ensures that our children on their toes and not afraid to come forward and ask for extra when they need it in subject areas where they may be unsure.
Pictures: Janet, Daniela, Margaret and Samson working on maths with Mr Isaac.
Aunty Fabiola  and Aunty Ally in remedial classes with the primary and nursery kids.