Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stringing along with Jon Gomm - by Margaret

Having a lesson from world renowned  guitar player Jon Gomm, son of our Happy House family’s Auntie Libby,  has been an inspiration to today’s junior blogger.
 I am Margaret, today’s blogger and I would like to tell you about The Music Lesson.
When Uncle Jon came he taught us about guitar.
He called four pupils. They were Sifa, Jane,
Rukia and I, Margaret.
He taught us how to play the Happy Birthday Song, as we asked him.
The song was really fantastic, for sure I have never seen playing a guitar as beautifully as Uncle Jon. We played guitar well, but not like Uncle Jon.
We had great moments with Uncle Jon, from the day he taught me I have not forgot playing it and I am always practising for the better of my future and that I am not going to stop practising the guitar.
I will never forget Uncle Jon for the good things he has done for us, spending time with us and being really kind to us.
Thank you very much Uncle Jon. May God bless you.