Friday, 28 March 2014

A loving home at last for baby boy

Abandoned when he was just two weeks old, this little one now has a secure and loving home with our family.
When Abdulmalik's mum, a single woman, deserted him one of her friends tried to give him a home, but as her job meant working at night she was struggling to care and also took flight leaving him with a neighbour who was equally unable to look after him properly and to maintain her own job as a house help.
Neighbours were so concerned about the child thet sought help and after investigating the circumstances, he was brought home to the Happy House
He is now settling into a loving and caring home with so many new brothers and sisters.
Arrangements are in place to obtain a birth certificate and until then we do not have a date of birth for this lovely little boy, pictured her with Mama Sue's oldest friend Joan Ottley, a charity trustee, who has travelled out to visit from the Isle of Wight.
Abdulmalik's arrival brings our family to 82.
As for our other children, we will be creating a family of sponsors for Abdulmalik . If anyone who like to be a part of this please email for details.