Saturday, 1 March 2014

It's a ONEderful life!

A first birthday is always a cause for celebration … but for our little Athman it’s a very special landmark.
He had such a poor start in life, born prematurely and left motherless at birth when his mum , and his twin, died in childbirth.
Athman came to us at three weeks, a very poorly baby and is unlikely that he would have survived without our care. His grandmum, left with three under fives, couldn't provide even the most basic of foods for him, his brother Abu and sister Sudi.

Nearly a year on they are such a happy trio, and how Sudi and Abu love their baby brother!
Athman’s  tragic beginnings have delayed his progress, but with special exercises in place he is beginning to pick up, interacting with others and he is starting to find his feet.

We know it will be a long haul, but that’s what we are here for and with the love, dedication and devotion that makes the magic that is our Happy House,  he will catch up and flourish.