Friday, 21 March 2014

Doctors in the house

Looking after the medical care of the 81 children in our care is something we take very seriously indeed.
And so it was a pleasure, last week,  to welcome 20 Italian paediatricians from Progetti Pediatricio who visit children’s homes in Kenya every three or four months.
The group, founded by  former international football referee Pasquale Rodomonti, is based in Rome, but the doctors who volunteer are from all over Italy.
They were introduced to the Happy House by Valentina Moscheni, a friend of Mama Sue’s, who has a children’s home and school at Marafiki.
At the happy House, we set up two examination rooms, one for boys another for girls, and every child was given a complete health check.
Only one or two minor ailments  showed up, and a couple of common problems which may need further treatment, but overall our kids were, as expected, given a good bill of health.
They extended their checks to our newly admitted scholarship students and it was reassuring to know they are all well.
Progetti Pediatrico  is planning build a small hospital, for minor procedures, on Marafiki and said our children will be welcome for free treatment there.
The doctors also plan to visit us on a regular basis.
They were impressed with what they saw at the Happy House and congratulated Mama on her achievement.
We are grateful to them for coming to see us and for the kind and gentle way they dealt with our children.