Wednesday, 26 March 2014

School report: Sporting challenges

In this week's school blog, manager Madam Rose reports:
It has been a busy week of inter-school sports for our pupils.
They started at the sub-cluster level. We were lucky enough  for 19 pupils were selected to proceed to the cluster level and from there 15 have been selected to proceed to the zonal level. 
We are very proud of our team who are so motivated by our Mama Sue who has made it possible for them to have sports shoes.
Pictured are the players selected:
Back row: From left, Mr Steve  (school coach), Margaret Kanze,  Nasri Juma, Gabriel Mwarabu, Martin Luther, Evans Khamisi, Kevin Barbara, Banana Ngari, Juma Charo, Immaculate Liwali and  sports teacher Mr. Mdachi
Front row:  Maria Ali, Mercy Parish, Pendo Charo, Maliam Safari, Faida Peterson, and Janet Medza