Friday, 7 March 2014

Hope dawns for Victoria

When Victoria finished class six in primary school and the neighbour looking after her died, she was forced  by relatives to work as a housegirl.
Why should she be in school when she could earn her keep?
She is  just 13 years old.
Destined to a life of drudgery, Victoria sought refuge with her grandfather, living near Watamu, hoping desperately to go back to school.
He can’t afford to feed two of them let alone send her to school where he would have to buy her books, uniform and shoes.
He ekes out a living by going house to house asking for used plastic bottles which he can sell.
He is dressed in rags and Victoria’s kanga is worn over an old  tee-shirt when they come to the Happy House.
Grandpa has the look of a man  defeated. He wants to provide, but simply cannot.
Existing from day to day is his challenge.
When Mama and Uncle Billy hear their story, Victoria becomes our 81st Happy House kid.
Here she will be safe, fed, loved and near enough for grandpa to visit. And she will be educated, her dream fulfilled. Grandpa's prayer answered.
His face in his hands, grandpa sobs. He cannot believe that in a single moment their lives have changed for the better.
‘’God has come into our lives,’’ he tells Uncle Billy in Kswahili, as he thanks Mama over and over again.
Immediately, Victoria is measured for school uniform, and by lunchtime is sitting down happily to eat with her new brothers and sisters.
Last night she she slept in a bed and this morning, she wakes up to a breakfast.
Her new journey of hope is just beginning.
It cost just  20pounds a months to sponsor a Happy House child. If you would like to change the life of Victoria, or another child like her, please email