Sunday, 2 March 2014

A happy day - by Lucinda

Today Lucinda is our guest blogger and she tells us about inter-school football and netball matches with Sawa Sawa Academy, held at Happy House.

My  blog about  the   school    which    came    and    played   with   us.  It is called Sawa  Sawa  Academy from Timboni. They came  with   their  teachers. One them was  called  Mr Tiama  and  another who came  was  Mr  Kimani. Some of the new children who  came were called  Matilda , Robina  and Hanana,  they are in  class 6.   Those were  girls, some of the boys were called first one Solomon, Chris,  Jimmy  and Roy.
 We became number one in  all  the zone  on that  day.  I was as happy as a king in the palace. That is the end of my  story, I wish you have enjoyed it very much. Thank you