Monday, 3 March 2014

Calling time

Saturdays are the highlight of Mama Sue’s week... her savourite day!
The kids are off school and, her office locked, she  and Papa can just relax and have fun with their family.
When  our Oscar was small  and the kids were singing My Favourite Day, Oscar couldn’t get his tongue around favourite and would say savourite instead, and that’s stuck with Mama.
She and Papa really enjoy having some family time with the children, and the kids so look forward to it.
They do what they want, playing, colouring, helping around the house or taking part in a fun activity, if they choose.
Mama has been helping them to learn to tell the time and anyone who answers three questions correctly gets a watch, so there is a real incentive to try.
Within half an hour of her telling the time quiz beginning (with Janet as her beautiful assistant) almost all the older kids were wearing a watch!
But for one little one who had come to watch, it all became too much.  
Charity just dropped off to sleep on Fatuma’s lap.
That's what you call timed out!