Saturday, 8 March 2014

Birthday boys and girl

For many, many children in Kenya a birthday is just another day. There is no celebration, no present nor any sense of occasion. 
So when a child joins our Happy House family, where birthdays are  made special, it can be overwhelming.
That is why Mama and the family keep celebrations low-key. Everyone sings the birthday song for each birthday child of the week at Kidz Club which is when they also receive their gift. 
It's a way for the whole family to mark a a special day., without being too much,
Birthdays celebrated in the last couple of weeks include Ricky and Dula, who are new to our family, Baraka, Zawadi and twins Peter and Paul.
Picture: Top, from left: Baraka, Zawadi, Peter and Paul and Dula.
Below: Ricky.