Monday, 16 December 2013

Volunteer Toni flies in from Oz

Toni and Janet ready for the beach
 Our new volunteer Toni Lamond has now settled in after her first week at the Happy House.
Toni, who has worked in both the fields of hospitality and horticulture, is spending three months with our family and has travelled all the way from Australia.
Toni writes: 
I come from the land down under ,  the children call me Aunty Toni.  I am writing this on my fourth day here and my sixth day in Watamu.
Volunteers get the week end off, which is great. I will be here for 12 weeks in total so I should get to know this place and the people very well.
The first day I arrived, the teachers and volunteers took the younger children on a  short nature walk, close to the Happy House, all holding hand and helping each other.
At lunch that day and every day they all sit down quietly, say their prayers, and then eat.  And then it’s lala (sleep time), for the younger ones. Its quite amazing how they lie on their tummies and are sleeping in no time.
The next day was a big trip to the beautiful Watamu beach. We all had a hoot! Many kids climbing all over me at once was a bit like a beauty treatment - sand body scrub, what more could you want?
On the walk back to Happy House we dropped into Giriama residence to show the children their two tortoises.  We have  a  refreshing  soda. Can you imagine around 50 children sitting quietly  waiting for their drinks, it`s incredible how well behaved they are. 
 On a normal day in the school holidays, like today, we take the kids outside and play from 9am till lunch. The children just love the KG castle and the playhouse and the swings. It is not hard to keep the children happy, of course you get the odd squabble here and there but in  general they are fantastic!
How can you not love them?
Everyone , once in their life, should have this experience -it opens your world and your heart.