Sunday, 22 December 2013

Surprise presents - by Janet

Some of our older kids have recently moved into bedrooms upstairs, so that we will be able to give a home to more children in need.
And Mama wanted to make the move a special part of growing up for the big kids by letting each group choose materials for their room, and to have a real say in how it should look.
To their great excitement, Mama and Papa has another treat in store as Janet, today's guest blogger, tells us:
This is Janet writing a blog about the surprise presents bought by Mama and Papa for our new rooms upstairs.
It was on a Sunday, when Mama and Papa went out for shopping, as they were purchasing things they needed.
While they were in the shop they saw something special which they knew ,as soon as they purchased it for us, that we will be very happy.  
The next day, Mama called the room leaders for upstairs.  There are three of us.
So we went in the office after our holiday clubs in the evening.
Suddenly we saw mama taking out three bags with something inside of the three bags. 
We were also surprised when Mama gave us the bags on looking inside the bags there were radios for our rooms, we felt so excited.
We thanked mama for the lovely radios 
Sent with love from Janet x