Monday, 9 December 2013

Mum's the word!

Our administrator and Mama's right hand woman, Auntie Rose, is starting her third week back at work after returning from maternity leave.
Her beautiful baby, Joy, some to work with her and is spend her days with the other tinies in the baby banda - with mum close at hand when she needs  a feed!
Auntie Rose, who spent her maternity leave in Nairobi with husband, Fred, is delighted to be back at work, but there have been so many changes to get used to.
She writes:  "I am glad to be back again to the Happy House family, it seems to be ages since I left for my maternity leave.
 I feel settled back in my office and I am getting a hold of all the changes. It was a bit hard on my first day as there were new faces, I didn't know where to start!
But everything is in perfect order now. I know is has been so hard for Mama while I was away but am glad to be back again with her.  I had missed her in the office so much while she was away in the UK . Anyway I am  finally home and we are together again. She is a wonderful mama. 
Joy is now settled and happy to be in the Happy House family!"