Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The halls are decked!

 The decorations are up, the presents packed and Santa's on his way.
How exciting tomorrow will be for our children when they celebrate Christmas with their Mama and Papa.
Some of our children are spending Christmas with relatives, as we have continued to strengthen their bonds with their families, and they were waved off by Mama and Papa on Saturday.
As Santa hasn't yet called in at the Happy House they will have their gifts when they come home.
For those who remain at home, and it is always difficult when they see others leaving, Mama and Papa will make sure they a very special Christmas. 
Mama says: "They have been putting the tablecloths on and making table decorations. Musyoka is in charge of that! 
"The girls have been trying on their wings, and Katana and Daniella are the two elves.
''Auntie Coral is just making some alterations to the suits.
" Papa is out buying sausages, more ice cream and lots of bananas, melons and pineapples, so much better than sticky lollie ! We actually managed to get ice cream cones in Nakumat last week. Josphat is making the bread rolls. So we seem organised ready for tomorrow."
Thank you to every one of you who has send Christmas parcels, cards and greetings to your special Happy House friends and to all our family,
Your love and care means so much and will make another magical Christmas for our kids.