Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mama and Papa making a difference - by Evans

Our Happy House kids benefit from and the enjoy the changes Mama has made since she returned from the UK in September, as today's blogger, Evans, tells us:
I am writing a blog about how Mama and Papa are making a difference at the Happy House.
It is nice and loving to see new changes at the Happy House.
Since Mama and Papa came home, there are a lot of changes. We, the Happy House kids,  appreciate what they are doing by taking care of the things that they do for us.
These new changes are; The new reading and relaxing room a and the new bedrooms.
The rooms are very nice, Mama  thought the big ones could have there own space to relax.
When they had come home from UK they an idea that we Young Farmers could have a small business.
They share their idea and everybody liked the idea. They said if we could plant crops then can we sell them to some of the hotels. And then we save the money for trips.
The young farmers like this and did as they were told.
 And now we are waiting to harvest then we will sell.''