Thursday, 19 December 2013

Making the magic work

 Every birthday at the Happy House is special and a cause for celebration, but sometimes there is a child's birthday that is not only heart-warming, it is heart-stopping.
And this week our beautiful and determined David is three years old.
David, abandoned in hospital shortly after he was born, has defied all the odds. Firstly, by surviving at all - he was such a poorly baby. And then, at 10 months, he was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and Mama and Uncle Billy were told he would probably never walk, nor ever amount to much. 
But at the Happy House we don't wish or wait for our magic to work, we make it work. We put all our energies into finding out how we could help him and. then armed with the best information, into encouraging  and exercising him to get mobile - mentally and physically. 
Our wish was to help this little boy to be his best, we didn't want rewards, but seeing David, now in school, chasing after a football and laughing and playing with his peers is worth more than any treasure. 
David is our diamond, a sparkling example who lights up the lives of those around him.
To see his curiosity as he receives his birthday gift from his Mama Sue should make all those of you who invest your time, energy and money into supporting our family so proud.
Without you, magic like this just could not happen.
From David, his Mama and his Papa, and all the family, thank you.
Pictures of more birthdays celebrated at Kidz Club and our Star of the Week will be on the blog tomorrow.