Monday, 2 December 2013

L = love & Limavady

Generous Rotarians from a small market town in Northern Ireland have a very special place in the heart of the Happy House.
Right back from our earliest days, even before our first children arrived, Limavady Rotary Club has been supporting Mama’s work.
The building work had just started when Doug Hare and his wife Lorna visited while they were holidaying in Watamu. Doug told his fellow Rotarians about it and their help began.
They started by furnishing a bedroom, paid to build our first banda and were the first members our miracle boy Harry’s sponsor family when he arrived in 2010, pledging to sponsor until he’s 18.
And there has been so much more Limavady has done from sending money to pay for special treats, to a long-term project to build a football field.
Doug and Lorna
So when volunteer Frankie Asher came along and so kindly offered to meet the cost of putting in the football field and stadium, adding an enclosed play area for our kindergarten kids, Limavady came into play to help by agreeing their football fund could be used to pay for  a Wendy House and adventure play equipment to be built and installed and, because the play area is a long way fro the nearest toilets for our little ones, to build a small toilet block nearby.
The play equipment is finished and the toilets  almost complete and  both will be a real boon to our kindergarten kids.
Mama  Sue said: “ Telvin, one of our gardeners, drew the the designs and then we showed them to the man we have used to do our fences and makuti roofing. He’d ever seen anything like it before but really enjoyed the challenge.
“There’s no shopping at Amazon here! Everything has to be made from scratch by local labour, and because we are using local materials everything looks lovely and in keeping with our bandas.

“Ever since Doug and Lorna first visited and told Rotary about our Happy House, Limavady has been there helping, a constant support . They are just the most wonderful friends of our family and sponsors to our Harry.
Toilets underway
"We are lucky enough to know Doug and Lorna because they come to visit and have become our friends, and we will have the welcome mat ready should any other members of Limavady Rotary come to see us!
"Thank you Limavady for every thing you do, for keeping our family in your hearts,you really are making a difference to children's lives."