Thursday, 12 December 2013

VIP invitation to the bank

 Kenya's Imperial Bank is celebrating its 20th birthday and the Watamu branch invited some Very Important little People to cut the cake.
The Happy House is one of its biggest customers and so we were asked if all the children celebrating their birthdays in November and December could attend.
Linus and Hajiri were given the honour of cutting the cake, a job they they took very seriously indeed, and all the children received birthday cards and cake.
The bank made sure that no one was left out and sent biscuits and juice back with our children to share with all the family at home.
Thank you Imperial for making us a part of your party, and Happy Birthday to you.
Pictures: Top left: Linus and Hajiri cut the cake, and (bleow left) with the goodies to take home to our family. Top right: A birthday card for Lucinda and (blow right) a birthday card for Mercy.