Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Party time in Milan

Our wonderful friends at GetFit in Milan are going to have a swap shop of a party to help the Happy House.
It is thanks to the tremendous support we receive from  Livio Leardi, who is the CEO and owner of GetFIT, and his wife Susanna Gregorio  and members of GetFit's chain of fitness centres that our children will be having a new bicycle store and  some new bikes
The party will take place on December 14 at GetFIT Viale Stelvio when everyone will be invited to take along up to three items they no longer use, have never used or no longer need which will then be auctioned with all proceeds going to the Happy House.
They next day, a raffle, with fabulous prizes, will take place, with tickets at 2euro, again with all proceeds to the Happy House.
The Happy house has a special place in Susanna and Livio's hearts. They are legal guardians to Levian, a little they found in the care of another children's home. They have been supporting him for more than three years and once they gained legal custody of him Susanna was able to ask Mama if he could live at the Happy House where they would know he is being well cared for in a family atmosphere and receive the best education available, whilst they are back in Italy. They provide full financial support for Levian's care and schooling.
Tempo di festa a Milano
In un uno dei club GetFIT (VIALE STELVIO) abbiamo deciso di organizzare il 14 dicembre un CHRISTMAS SWAP PARTY BENEFICO
Un modo per rendere una festa natalizia: originale e unica.
Lo swap party è una festa in cui tutti portano qualcosa da scambiare....
Il concetto è semplice ... a casa abbiamo così tanti oggetti che non usiamo più, che non abbiamo mai usato o che non ci piacciono più...
Ogni socio porterà al club un max di 3 oggetti a testa e faremo UNA VENDITA ALL'ASTA. Il ricavato verrà devoluto in  BENEFICENZA al nostro caro istituto di happy House.
Il giorno dopo (15 dicembre) faremo invece una lotteria con dei premi fantastici. Il costo di ogni biglietto sarà di sole 2€
Il ricavato sarà totalmente devoluto in beneficenza (HAPPY HOUSE).
GetFIT vuole assolutamente partecipare a terminare la costruzione per l'area Biciclette.
Shopping reminder
If you are doing your Christmas shoppingonline with Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s M&S , Argos or many other big stores,, you can raise money for our Happy House whenever you shop with them and 3000 other stores by using the  fundraising website, easyfundraising.
 It won’t cost you a penny more and everything you buy will raise money in the form of a donation from the trader you are shopping with. 
So please  help us by shopping via this link http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/watamuhappyhouse