Friday, 20 December 2013

Birthdays bring a bonus!

There's been a birthday bonus this week for Musyoka.

He'd already celebrated what we thought to be his birthday way back in March, but when, after three years, his grandfather arrived with his birth certificate we discovered not only was his birthday in December, he was also two years older!
Such is the mystery with some of our children, and unravelling the  "secret" of their birthdate is an arduous but necessary task which takes up a great deal of Uncle Billy's time.
As there would be a very long time from last March, until December 2104, Mama decided Musyoka should have two birthdays this year!

No wonder he's laughing when he receives a gift and a hug from his Mama.
Also celebrating their birthdays this week are Mercy (top right) and the eldest in our family, Lucinda, who is 17.
There was a Star of the Week award for Jedida (above left) for being so loving to all those around her.
Happy birthday kids, and well done Jeddy.