Thursday, 26 December 2013

Santa's surprises

 Christmas bought some wonderful surprises for our Happy House family.
Not only did Santa bring gifts for every child, there were also gifts for everyone to enjoy and cherish.
Susanna Gregorio and her husband Livio Leardim who owns GetFit chain of fitness centres in Italy and Switzerland, have raised money at the centres to build a bicycle shed and to buy bikes for our kids.
And the little ones couldn't wait to try them out!
We have no doubt that our fast learners will soon find their balance and be free-wheeling without the need for stabilisers.
Mama and Papa also had also lined up a surprise ... two Labrador pups.
They were an instant hit with our children when Mama and Papa introduced them to the children explaining how the pups are just like little people and need to be cared for with love, care and respect.
*Santa pictures  on the blog tomorrow.
Shopping plus
Thank you for raising money for Children of Watamu Happy House - Kenya by doing your Christmas shopping online with 
Your support has made a real difference to our fundraising and together we have raised £31.98 in the last month. That is enough to buy three pairs of school shoes ready for the new term starting in January.
 As the post Christmas sales begin, if you are online shopping please shop via to help us raise much needed funds- it doesn't cost you a penny more as the donations come from the retailers you shop with!
And don't forget to spread the word to family and friends to let them know just how easy it is to fundraise for free! 
Thank you for your support.