Wednesday, 18 December 2013

School blog: Lessons in life

Our headteacher, Mr Athumani, reports!
 The quest for knowledge continues in the school holidays when holiday club has many activities for the children to enjoy, have fun and to feed their hungry minds.
There were so many things for them to do – from games to improve times tables and time telling, to reading, football and other sports.
The kids really enjoy taking part.
We have some who want to be teachers when they grow up, or social workers as they see Uncle Billy at work and understand what he does, or others want to be journalists as they have learnt from Aunty Libby. You could always find a group of kids reading newspapers or a storybook or novel.
Well organized into groups, the children had full use of our new resource centre created by Mama and Papa. How fascinating it is to see and to have such a lovely place.
Learning in Happy House takes place at different places – in the classroom, playingfield, greenhouses, kitchen or resource centre. The children can get their information first hand from the person who knows the subject best.  The kids value this as it helps them to have a better understanding.
They are sorry that holiday club has come to an end, and look forward to the next time.
Our children have been back in class for the last week or so, finishing at the end of this week,to ensure we make most of every chance to learn.
Mama says, quite rightly, that we only have one chance of education.
All teachers have been working to help each of child to stretch themselves to reach their full potential and to provide them with challenges  to help them forge ahead in the coming school year.

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