Sunday, 29 December 2013

Going to the salon - by Shakila

To give our older children more independence Mama decided they should go out into the village on their own.
The boys go to the local barber to have their hair cut while the girls go in groups to a variety of small salons, and they are very small, for their braids.
Today's blogger Shakila writes: 
I am writing about the Salon. We always go to salon on a Saturday. But the small ones remain at home.
We are happy because we are going out and it’s good.
We always enjoy doing our hair  and at the salon you choose any style you want . They are many styles which you like and you will be very smart.
On a Monday when we go to school all the teachers tell as that we are very smart.
We are happy as a Happy House kids
From Shakila 
ps: Thank you, I think you will enjoy my blog.