Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas comes ... on four legs!

The Christmas bells are ringing out to welcome our two very timely arrivals ... Mary and Joseph.
The two young donkeys are a gift to Mama from her good friends at Giriama Residence, Linda and Mary.
Mama has often said how much she would like a donkey, and now she has two beautiful young animals.
Mama chose their names in honour of the little donkey that played such an important role in the Christmas story, carrying Mary to Bethlehem.
The children will learn how to care for them and to groom them and Mary and Joseph are sure to provide the love and comfort that  a pet can.
Mama and Papa are thrilled with their wonderful and generous gift.
A happy and peaceful Christmas to all our friends, across the world, who today, and all year round, hold our family in their hearts and who give us the most priceless gift  ... love.