Sunday, 1 December 2013

A gardening we will go

Musyoka, 11, is a member of the Happy House Young Farmers' Club and today he tells us what he and his fellow gardeners like to grow:
  Every Sunday we have to go to the garden and help Uncle Tevin. 
 It is our Young Farmers’ Club,  one Sunday we went to the garden  and we started harvesting the tomatoes  one wheelbarrow full of tomatoes.  We brought them to the kitchen to Uncle Baya and we helped Uncle Baya cutting  all the tomatoes and then we put them inside the freezer so that they will not get rotten. So that we may use them where they are needed for our meals.
The next Sunday, we put the compost  inside our greenhouse so we can plant special watermelon which Mama says we can sell to get some money and learn how to have our own business.
When we have saved enough we can go on a trip.
We like going to the garden because we are there to help and to learn so many things.
Shoes fund
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