Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mama is back home, by Shakila

It is two weeks since Mama and Papa arrived home and how happy everyone is to have them back - the trip to Mombasa to greet them was a day of magical memories for our kids. Guest blogger Shakila writes:   It was Saturday morning and we were ready to go to Mombasa Airport, so a very big bus came with Gede Boys School written on it.
As we were arriving were very happy. 
Mama and Esther
After we were alighting the bus we waited for some minutes and we saw Mama and Papa and Auntie Libby and everybody was happy. When we were coming back home everybody was singing because we were happy that Mama and Papa have come home. 
As we were taking our lunch we called the driver to come and eat. We ate, we drank and we celebrated.
 We thank God for the lovely day he has given to us.