Sunday, 22 September 2013

A football ambition - by Sifa

Sifa is our guest blogger today, and he shares with us his sporting dreams and hopes.
"This is a  blog about the game I like to play
My favourite game is football I like it because I like playing it with my brothers. Football  is exercise and there are many people who like playing it.
Football it can make you earn many money. Like the players that are in  Manchester United.
Sports makes your body to be strong and health. That’s why I like playing football because it makes my body to be strong. I like football and when I finish school I want to be a player. I will play for different teams and I will be a good player in the world like the other players who are playing now.
The number that I like to play is number ten
That is the number that I like to play most.
 I will be a good player, the most good player in the world."