Saturday, 28 September 2013

Saumu is six

Is it my happy birthday? Saumu Safari is six and celebating her 
her birthday for only the second time in her  life.
Last year, the concept of a birthday was pretty much lost on her and while she enjoyed her gifts, she really didn't quite understand what a birthday was about.
But now,  after helping her Happy House brothers and sisters celebrate so many birthdays , Saumu was looking forward to her special day with her gifts and card presented to her by Papa at Kidz Club when everyone joined in the birthday song.
Saumu opened her treats from her special friends Myra Boyle, Susan James and  Philip and Karn Ramsden.
Thank you all for making this such a special birthay for your little girl
New on our wishlist
Auntie Prischa, our head housemum looks after all our stores and tells me we are right out of croc-type shoes for our older kids (aged 8-16), and badly need black lead pencils and 96-page exercise books. If you would like to send a parcel of a few items the address: Sue Hayward's Happy House, PO Box 796, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa. We have so many kind friends who like to know what is at the top of our "most wanted" list. Thank you for your continuing love and generosity. Please don't forget to include your email address in your parcel so that we can say thank you!!