Saturday, 14 September 2013

Coming home...

There will be such a warm, colourful and excited welcome for Mama and Papa when they arrive home this morning.
Our whole family of 74 children, plus many staff, were starting out early to make the two hour journey to greet them at Mombasa Airport.
And as having their Mama and Papa home to stay at last, is a very special occasion for everyone, Mama decided that every child should have a new set of "safari" clothes.
Safari means trip is swahili, so safari clothes are kept for high days and holidays ... and what could be more of a celebration day than having Mama and Papa home to stay.
New outfits mean so much to our children, so being able to dress up makes a special occasion even more special for them.
Getting 74 outfits sorted and ready fell to head housemum, Prescha, who can tell at a glance what will fit whom .. luckily she had plenty of our older girls willing to help!