Monday, 30 September 2013

Welcome for baby Joy

 The children gathered, dressed in their best, to welcome the newest member of our family.
New parents, Auntie Rose, our much-loved administrator,  and her husband,  Fred, were bringing their baby Joy  “home”  to meet her extended family where her  74  Happy House brothers and sisters were eagerly waiting to greet her.
 Auntie Rose means so much to Mama, Papa and our family and Joy's safe arrival was cause of much celebration. Now the kids were going to catch their first glimpse of her.
 No sooner had the car pulled up and the door opened, than Auntie Rose handed her precious bundle to Janet to take her to see the family.

Janet, like all our kids, had no worries about taking charge of such a tiny baby. It comes naturally in a family as big as our own.
The children were delighted by the beautiful baby, and to be back together on Happy House land was an emotional moment for Mama and Rose, who were both in tears as they hugged each other.
Auntie Rose has been a huge support to Mama over the months she was away, and Mama to her. They are as close as any mother and daughter.
There were songs to welcome Joy,  and a few games, organised by the children, plus cake and squash.

Two-week old Joy slept through most of it, but there is no doubt that it was a very special day for her very proud parents and for our family too.