Monday, 9 September 2013

Grace's glue and glitter day

There were sparkles, sparkles everywhere for Grace's Glue and Glitter Day!
Little Grace Webster had been collecting all kinds of glittery things back home in Yorkshire, ready to take on holiday for our kids.
And saving best til last,  as Grace, her mum, Louise, dad, Garry, and little sister Alice were coming to the end of their three week break, Saturday morning was spent sprinkling twinkles as our children stretched their imaginations to the max to come up with some fantastic and fabulous crafty creations. 

It was a hands-on morning of fun, enjoyed by everyone, and when it came to an end the kids got together to model their amazing masks.
 Then  followed a mini- Kidz Club when everyone gathered to wish Grace, Alice, Louise and Garry a safe trip home.
They are going to be missed, but as our family knows only too well when it bids farewell to friends - if you do not leave, you cannot come back.We hope it will not be too long before we see you all again. 

* Kidz Club was, Uncle Billy said, an ideal moment to make presentations of the gifts sent by Fiona ,Les,Alistair and Robyn for Rose Chai; Janet got her treat brought courtesy of Christine and  Barry plus  some from Ann Gaines(Louise's mom.) Oscar was delighted with some gifts from Pete,Jo,Dylan and Oscar Ward. Thank you all.