Sunday, 1 September 2013

A fantastic journey gives Daniella a lift!

Daniella, James and Lucinda
Whenever a Happy House child has a dental or medical appointment, Uncle Billy makes sure they do not go alone and takes along a couple of their brothers or sisters for reassurance and company.
So when little James had to go to Malindi to the hospital, Daniella and Lucinda were asked to go along. 
And there was a treat on the way back when they called into the newly opened Nakumat superstore which saw our blogger Daniella going up in world.
She writes:                            `
 It was on Thursday afternoon when Uncle Billy came and told Lucinda and I, tomorrow,  we are going to the hospital with James.
 I asked Uncle Billy ‘’Why do James want to go to the hospital?"
 ‘’Because he has a bad chest," said Uncle Billy. 
The following day in the morning a crowd of birds were singing the sweet melodies when I woke up early in morning and I started preparing myself. I was as happy as a king to see the new day.
I wore my best clothes. I went to the dinning hall and had my breakfast. The food was delicious but  I left the food on the table and ran out of the house. I did not want to be late.
I went to the car and we started the journey to the hospital. When we reached to the hospital we saw many people and they were on space of a cat to swing on.
But when they saw us they gave way. Uncle Billy told us please can you wait for me out side.
After a short time Uncle Billy came back he said we can to inside the car and we said: "Yes we can go."
 As we were going we saw a tall building we asked Uncle Billy "What is this building?" and he said "The building is called Nakuma,can you read that name on top of that building". 
"Yes it has been writen Nakumat", I said, " Now are we going inside?"
Uncle Billy said "Yes " and I was as happy as a king. 
As we were going inside by good luck we saw Aunty Rose, Uncle Fred and Uncle Fred’s aunty.
We grated them and we continued with our way. 
Uncle Billy saw the elevator and he asked:"Will you want to have a ride with the elevator?" and I said "Yes, I want to please",  but Lucinda was afraid of the elevator.
 I disided to have ride but my heart was pounding against my chest.    And I was saying that I am going to die, but the lord was with me. After then I learn that I will never have a ride again.
After some times we went to the car and started the journey to home.
We had a safe journey. It was a fantastic journey.