Thursday, 26 September 2013

Happy House leads the field

To make her Happy House a flagship for the way children in care can, and should, be looked after and educated has been Mama Sue's aim right from the very start.
She has always refused to accept second best and the result is that everything we do is to the highest standard.
The Happy House is now  receiving recognition for the standards it is setting in some very high places!
 Uncle Billy was invited for an urgent meeting at the Child Protection Centre called to familiarise the Secretary of Children's Affairs, Lydia Muiru, with the work being done in the region.
As the Government's  most senior minister for children, she is an extremely important and influential woman and it is to her that the National Director for Child Protection is accountable.
The meeting was opened by Paul Kisavi, Kilifi County Coordinator who welcomed the Ms Muiru, the National Director and thanked the representatives of children's hoems attending for taking care of children in need.
When the District Children's Officer,Eric Mugaisi, was asked to give an overview of the homes in his district and singled out the Happy House for taki, and one other, for taking the right path, and the leading the way. 
"The hailed Mama Sue for egaging with him and his office about her plans even before the first brick was laid," reports Uncle Billy.
In her address, the Secretary for Children's Affairs pledged to visit the Happy House to see for herself the good work beiung done. She expressed her thanks to the Happy House, and the other children's home, for being the best in the way they were delivering their services to children. She urged others to follow their lead.
Uncle Billy said that as the newly elected Government is planning to give grants to children's homes, and that Kilifi County in line for the lion's share, it was likely that the Happy House may get some of the stipend from the Ministry.
"It is clear that Mama's dream of propelling the Happy House to be a model facility for child care will soon be fulfilled,"  said Uncle Billy.
"As we have registered with the Association of Charitable Children's Institutions of Kenya, now she is home Mama  will be able to take part in forums which will effortlessly give her a leading role.
"Some of the benefits of the Association was my recent exchange tour to Nairobi.
"Kudos Mama for a job well done."