Thursday, 19 September 2013

The time to be happy is now

The children raised the roof when, Mama opened Kids Club as she always has, with the question:
Happy House Kids, Happy House Kids, Are you happy?
There was no doubting their answer. They were beyond happy. Mama and Papa are back and although over the months they have been away, all has run just as she would have wanted, there was something missing.
Kidz Club has taken place every week, Mama and Papa appearing via Skype,the family has kept it enthusiastic and fun, but this week it had its old vibrancy back.
There were more songs, and they were delivered with more gusto, and more laughs, many more laughs.
And three special visitors were asked for their own musical input as Mama invited, each one in turn to lead a song.
Eric Mugaisi, District Children’s Officer, and two Nairobi-based officials from the global charity champoning chilren's rights, Unicef, Catherine Kimotho and Stephen Malai,  on a fact-finding courtesy call, had already had a meeting with Mama and our social worker, Uncle Billy.
It was lucky they were still here when Kidz Club had assembled. First on the hotspot was Mr Eric, who got everyone joining in a favourite hymn, then came Madam Catherine who embracing the Girl Power ethos put together a backing group and they led a really rousing anthem, lastly a rather more shy Mr Stephen found himself in the limelight, but he too lived up the kids expectations of another good sing song.
We know for certain these visitors, will not forget this day!
Mama had look forward to this day for months, Papa too, now it was really here, really happening, and their faces radiated the happiness brimming over from their hearts.