Friday, 20 September 2013

Thank you x three

A big thank you to everyone who has responded to our appeal for red school jumpers.
We always try to say thank you by email, but sometimes we may not have an address - so try to send our thank you another way.
And this picture is for Kathryn Dodgson of Thornton, Lancashire.  Uncle Billy wants you to know your parcel of school jumpers, plus pack of black and white ankle socks, has arrived safely.
Posing for the picture was a tonic for this trio, Fatuma, Suleiman and Hope - they were just waiting to go to the local clinic to be treated for various minor ailments!
Thank you Kathryn for your kindness, it is very much appreciated.
Carly, Shirley, Mama, Papa and Diane
Thanks again... And while we are saying thank you, this lovely picture of Mama was taken when she went to have her hair done at Shirley's Second Image in Beach Road, Cleveleys, before setting off with Papa for their  break in the Isle of Wight.
Shirley Dawson, who is in Maria's sponsor family, has been a huge support to Mama during her enforced prolonged stay in the UK.
Shirley has a very special way of boosting the morale of all her clients, who are regarded more friends than clients, and her salon and staff are just the kindest people in the world.
Thank you Shirley, Carly and Diane for being so fantastic and for sending Mama off looking and feeling great.
and again...
Thank you to Jill and Mick Armstrong for adding a donation of £75 to the mnedical fund they set up to help our family  and contribute to.  Jill won some of the money in a raffle at work and they made it up to £75, which also brings another £18.75 in Gift Aid. Jill and Mick made a special trip to Blackpool recently to wish Mama and Papa a safe trip home.