Saturday, 21 September 2013

Busy times

 It’s been full-on  at the Happy House since Mama and Papa returned.
The speed of everything moves up a notch, as Mama multi-tasks with the business acumen and entrepreneurial talents that have made the charity she founded work so well, and her Happy House happen.
However much work she has on, she is never too busy to greet a visitor, to listen to a member of staff who needs to talk, or to a child who has a secret to share.
Mama is a driving force, the fact that she has, just for the moment to use crutches to get about, is a constant irritation and frustration to her. They slow her up physically, but in every other way Mama is as quick and quicker than ever.
The path has started around our new banda which is being funded  by the generosity of Steve and Cherith Cushing,
Volunteer, Uncle Frankie’s football pitch and playingfield is coming on apace.  It’s going to be an incredible asset to our family, to our school and to neighbouring schools and children’s homes.
We have so many plans for the future and Mama has wasted no time in gathering facts and figures so that we can get our fundraising right. And to ensure that we get the very best value for moeny.
Pendo and Fatuma
Mama greets Marina Temperato
Meanwhile,family life carries on as normal. Trips to the clinic for kids who fall sick,  twin Pendo and Fatuma, on Wednesday. They  are now as right as the rain falling this Friday, every drop helping Uncle Frankie’s grass to grow!
The tailor pops in to measure the kids who need new school uniform,.School shoes,which are repaired until they can be repaired no longer, are collected from the shoemaker as Uncle Billy is passing visitors come and go,  school is a hive of activity and the house is never still.
There is always someone waiting to see Mama.
After school the kids are back in their old routine of popping into her office, chattering away. Linus is always the first.
Today, seeing Mama has someone with her, he came to my side and tugged at my arm. 
Looking towards her office, he just asked “Yes?" I nodded back, off he went to claim his cuddle.
The Happy House is a huge operation. It is a , home that has to be run as a business.
 We owe it to every single person who sponsors a child, who makes a donation, or puts a coin in a collection tin, to spend their money wisely. 
Papa, Sifa and Hassan
It is a job that Mama and all her staff take seriously.
As director, Mama Sue's task is immense
But first and foremost, the  Happy House is the family she has created and being its Mama is the most precious job in the world to Sue, who has her Dave, walking alongside her every minute of every day.
He is her significant other, her husband of 44 years, the love of her life, and our family's beloved Papa Dave.