Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Take a note, Mr Linus

 The school day over, a solitary figure stands at Mama’s closed office door.
Three year old, Linus comes straight from changing out of his uniform in search of  a cuddle from Mama, but  a meeting's in progress and her office door is firmly shut.
The Happy House week starts, as usual, with Mama's Mad Monday, a series of meetings which, now,she can do in person and not via Sykpe.
The door has been closed for much of the day, there is so much to do.
But for Linus nothing matters more than being with his Mama.
This little boy, so forlorn,brings a huge lump to my throat.
 He is only three, Mama has been away for the best part of 18 months - half his life - and now a closed door is separating him from the one person he wants and needs to be near.
 I lift him so, through the window,  he can see  his  Mama busy talking and I ttell him gently that as soon as she finishes hecan go straight in.
By chance and as I hope,  I catch Mama’s eye, she gives us the nod … and Linus strides in to join the teachers' meeting.
Perched on a chair next to Mama, Linus is a happy boy. With a pencil in his hand it looks just as if he is taking minutes of the proceedings.
His  Mama is  back where she belongs, the last 18 months are now in the past,  and in Linus' world all is well.