Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Our Pirate Professor

To everyone in school our Stevie is “the professor”.
He is the only child with glasses and looks every inch the intellectual.
When, a few weeks ago, the eye specialist confirmed our suspicions that Stevie, four next month, not only needed eye patches to help correct a squint, but also spectacles to improve his vision deputy head, Madam Rose, explained to all the children that Stevie would be wearing glasses, they were not a toy and they should be careful of them.
She also told them they were a very cool thing to wear.
By making him feel special, Stevie has taken to them so easily and his teacher, Madam Tanui, says his work in school has vastly improved.
The pink patches, which he wears for several hours each morning, are all we could get here and they are not so cool. 
But now after a special delivery from the UK he’s got pirate patches.
Pauline Royle, from Carleton, near Blackpool, read about Stevie on the blog, and about the cost to our family of buying patches, and set about finding some that were just as cool, if not cooler, than his glasses.
Auntie Libby brought them out with her and now Stevie has is wearing them … everyone else wants them too!
Thank you Pauline for sending these lovely patches …. it’s plain sailing for our Pirate Professor from now on!