Thursday, 5 September 2013

Baby Theo says hi to Mama and Papa

Mama and Papa are p[acked up and leaving Blackpool today for a week's break with friends in the south before flying home to their family on September 13.
But there was one little person they just had to meet before they left ... four week old, Theo.
Theo's proud mum, Steph Hill, who is devoted to her little sponsor child, Lily, has been helping our family since 2008 when she and her sister did a bungee jump to help towards the building costs and she has done lots more fundraising since.
When the Happy House opened, Steph became the first member of Lily's sponsor family, and visited the Happy House in 2011 with her mum Bev Higham and Lynsey Hill, and again, with her fiance Gavin Hill, in 2012.
Then she was six weeks pregnant,  and throughout her pregnancy has been sending  Lily updates about her  little "brother".
Now he's arrive , it is  lovely to think Theo and Lily will grow up knowing and loving each other.
Mama and Papa were absolutely thrilled to spend an afternoon with Steph and Theo, and Mama enjoyed some nice long cuddles.
It won't be long now, Mama, and you will have a queue of 73 little bodies wanting a kiss and cuddle to welcome you home.
A good thing Steph too her gorgeous Theo to get you back in practice!