Monday, 2 September 2013

Football at the Happy house - by Jack Howard

Jack Howard loves football.
Jack,10, lives in Dubai with his mum and dad Sarah and Chris and brother Leon, five. They have just been on holiday to Watamu, and visiting our Happy House again was high on their list of things to do.
Jack has even done a presentation about our family to fellow pupils at Gems Royal Dubai School.
So we thought we would ask him to write a blog for us, all about a passion he shares with all our kids - football.
"While I was on holiday at Turtle Bay, my family and I went to the Happy House for our first visit, although we have been actively supporting them for the last couple of years. 
 Day1: When I arrived at the Happy House there children playing all over the place.  Uncle  Frank and I  rallied up  the kids and asked them all:  Would you like to play football?
The majority  said "yes".
 Once the children were ready I asked them “What is a warm up and what does it do?” there were a few close answers but not dead on. We did the warm up no problems.
 Then I asked the kids if they would split into four teams  and  they named them Chelsea, Man United, Barcelona and Man City.
The two finalists were Man United v Barcelona. I left and we agreed to play the finals the next day.
 Day 2: We done the warm up easy as, then the stretches, well we flew through that. Then we played the finals Man United won.
 Next is the cool down it was a new experience for the kids, new but fun. 
 Goodbye :On our final visit my friends family and I went to say goo bye. I met a lovely baby called James (cute), after the walking around we had 30 minutes to say goodbye to everyone.  Then the time came to leave. I thought, I don’t really know everyone yet but I will miss them.
 Lots of love 
 Jack Howard, age 10.