Wednesday, 1 May 2013

X marks the spot!

Uncle Scott Webster is a committed volunteer and a very innovativegardener.
He is using his lifelong experience by working at the Happy House, angside our outside staff, to help ensure we make the most of the most productive time of year to maximise our crops.
And like any good gardener, he isn't just thinking in the short term, but planning for the future as well.
So in five months time he will have to return to dig up these cow horns which have just been given a "ceremonial" burial .
Scott has been researching biodynamics and has discovered a method for making manure from cow horns which he thought worth a try.
Uncle Billy got on the case and got someone to source the cow horns, very cheaply,  needed from the local abattoir.
Whatever has to be done to prepare them has now been completed, under Scott's supervision, and they now have five months in which to turn into a rich fertilizer.
Just let's hope our resident eating-machine Linus wasn't on lookout, a Desperate Dan Cow Pie, complete with horns,  would be just a snack to him!