Thursday, 2 May 2013

Family ties are kept strong

Keeping and strengthening ties between our Happy House kids and their birth families is so important.
They may have grandmums, aunties, uncles or, in some case a parent, who care deeply about their young relatives even though they are physically or socially unable to take care of them on a full-time basis.
They are free to visit, or to phone Uncle Billy when they can, and are invited to special school events.
So during the school holidays, some of our children, where it is safe for them to do so, go on home visits and they look forward to them.
And the family they are visiting do their very best to ensure that the few days they have together are special for the children.
Volunteer, Uncle Scott was around when the kids were getting ready to go on the latest "safari" to their home villages. He reports:
"I was standing on the steps the other day just watching the kids play when there was so much noise coming from a group of the girls sitting on the steps.
 When I asked what all the noise was, they said it was one of  the grandmas coming - it was Rukia's grandmum and  Rukia was so excited to be going to her home with her.
"Later, I was talking to Jackson the Uncle of Musyoka, Francis and Mwende who had come to collect his sister's kids  go home.
" I have never seen kids smiling and as excited as they were'."
We hope you are all having a lovely time!