Friday, 10 May 2013

David gets first taste of school

Just look who has started school, our very special little boy, David.
This is a huge landmark in life for the child Mama was told by specialists to just “take home and love.”
They had diagnosed him with Down's Syndrome.
But Mama and Uncle Billy knew that he need so much more than love and by following help and advice  from the Down's Syndrome Association, enlisted by Auntie Libby in the UK, a programmed of exercises was put in place to stimulate him mentally and physically. David has flourished and now tries so hard to keep up with his brothers and sisters in all they do, and isn't that far behind.
School was going to wait until he is walking confidently on his own but, this week,  David, who turned three in December, had his own ideas!
When all his Happy House brothers and sisters went back to school this week after a three-week break, David was Mr Grumpy personified
Uncle Billy says: During the school break he enjoyed himself fully since he had company all the time.
After school opened he had a very bad day especially after breakfast when everybody left for school.
I thought he could be missing their company, the foul mood later subsided after Ernest the little day kid joined him. 
This morning we came up with a contingency plan to have him sample "school life".
Madam Hellen and Auntie immediately took him into playgroup class and just before lunch I called to see what was happening.
I found a very relaxed and playful David. Later they were all called back to their seats and David followed what everybody else was doing.
Maybe school will make him find the urge to put more effort on his walking skills to attain his full independence.
It might be a blessing in disguise if he decides to copy his classmates hence finding his own two feet!
This evening Madam Hellen commented in writing "David was very happy because he did not cry at school and was even able to join others when singing".
Aunty Neema wrote: "David has enjoyed colouring, playing with toys and letter cards".
Well done David you have been such a good boy today as you have always been!
His progress is another testament to our Happy House magic getting to work on little lives.
We will never give up on a child, whatever label they may be given, and will do everything in our power to ensure that each and every one reaches their full potential in life.
Well done David, you are such a shining star.