Thursday, 9 May 2013

A special day for orphans

With new friends from St Paul's
 Some of our older children took part in a special gathering in Kalifi to mark World Orphan Day.
The theme of the event was "Orphans have rights and the community has responsibility".
 It began with prayers and there were speeches by Carol Amache, the district children's officer for Kalifi;  Eric Mugaisi the district children's officer for Malindi and county director Paul Kisavi.
Chairing the event as master of ceremony was Jeremiah Charo from the children's assembly.
Our  children travelled together with kids from St Paul II Children's Home in Gede.
St Paul's, like the Happy House, takes a very active part in the new network of children's homes  instigated by our own Uncle Billy. He arranged with their social worker, Moses, for them all to go together.
Uncle Billy said that even though it was the first time the kids had met, they all got along famously and enjoyed being together.
He hopes that it will be the first of other joint ventures between children's homes..
Pictured: Margaret  takes part in opening prayers, and our children in the audience listening to speeches.