Thursday, 30 May 2013

Junior reporters

 Recruiting our junior bloggers can take a bit of gentle persuasion, as volunteer DawnHeather Wright tells us:
"I approached Shakila, who is ten, and asked her if she would  write the blog. 
At first she was so shy, she wouldn't even make eye contact with me . In fact, she squirmed so much in her seat that she fell off and ended up under the table.
  I said that I would ask her some questions and I would write down the answers and maybe later we could put it on the computer together.
  Eventually she told me that she liked living in the Happy House, she liked all the food but she liked biscuits best.  Feeling more confident, she took my paper and pen and wrote that she liked helping and playing with her friends.
 By this stage several of the children, curious about what we were doing, came and joined us at the table. Shakila decided to take on the role of reporter and started to ask them questions similar to the ones I had asked her.
 However, like all budding young reporters, Shakila's questions were slightly more challenging, for example she asked David, 'Which do you like best, helping in the kitchen or playing football'? A very difficult question for a nine year old boy to answer! 
Nine year old Rukia then took over the questioning and recording job and completed interviews with Lily and Salama.
 For the results of the interviews, keep an eye out on future Sundays - the day our children take over the blog."