Saturday, 25 May 2013

Spoons and forks appeal

We are facing  a cutlery crisis at the Happy House so if any of our friends may be thinking of sending a parcel out to our family, we really do need durable plastic spoons and forks.
Spoons are the priority and they must be heavy duty as they will be used over and over again.
As our family has grown, our stock of cutlery has been fully utilised and as much of it is metal it is beginning to suffer from the humidity and salt in the air and started to rust. This  has led to many items affected being taken out of service.
There is a Stockport-based company that sells small polycarbonate dessert spoons and forks, ideal for our older kids, online, for 48p each.
Teaspoons for our babies are just 36p each.
This cutlery is durable, lightweight, and the supplier Harfield Direct are happy to supply to individual buyers. So if you could afford to spend a fiver on some spoons and send them on directly to the Happy House we would be so grateful. 
The link is:
This is just a suggestion, you may have seen some local to you, but this was the best we could find.
The postal address is : Sue Hayward's Happy House, PO Box 796, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa.
If you do have any queries, or would like to tell us if you are planning to send some out please email:
Thank you for your continuing kindness.

Geoffrey makes a welcome return.....

Geoffrey Knight last visited the Happy House when it was newly opened three years ago and it was a great pleasure to see him back again along with Jean Knight and Trish Shedwick.
Uncle Billy showed them around and they were hugely impressed by the work Mama and the Happy house are doing for the vulnerable children of the area.
And of course,  Geoffrey could see just how much the  Happy House had developed and how our family has grown since those early days.
Thank you for coming back to see us.
Pictured: Uncle Billy with Geoffrey, Jean and Trish.