Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The best medicine for Mama ...

You'll all be pleased to hear that Mama Sue is is out of hospital and back home with Papa.
She is on the road to recovery and still has a way to go but is busy working and back to Skype sessions with Rose, Billy, Isaac and at the Happy House and enjoying the best medicine of all ..their love and laughter!.
Surgeons at Blackpool Victoria Hospital found an infection in the partial artificial hip replaced in Mombasa three years ago, and after the removing the prosthesis and cleaning out the area have put in a temporary spacer.
This releases antibiotics into the bloodstream and will remain in place for at least six weeks. If there is still a sign of infection after that time, it will remain there for another six weeks before they can go ahead and put in a brand new hip.
They have to ensure there is no likelihood of an infection recurring as treatment in  Kenya would be a very different story.
It has involved major surgery and has Mama has been in a great deal of pain, but the pain has lessened and, whilst her mobility is severely restricted,  she is now picking up, feeling much better ... and doing what she loves, working for her Happy House family.
Whilst she has always been in contact with Rose, Isaac and Billy,keeping her finger on the Happy House pulse, she is feeling much happier at being able to see them all, as they are feeling better for seeing her and Papa.
Mama says: "Thanks you to everyone for their cards and good wishes, they have meant so much to me and lifted my spirits at the times when I have felt a bit low."
She is now back in email contact and will be delighted to hear from you should you wish to drop her a line..
Mama is grateful to surgeon Steve Mannion and his team and to all the nursing staff on Ward 15a who cared for her during her long stay in hospital.
Now she is on the way and every day is one day nearer to getting back to the only place she wants to be - at the Happy House with her kids.
Coffee evening
Layton Churches Together have a coffee evening for the Happy House on Tuesday, June 11, at St Anne of Greenlands CE Church, Salmesbury Avenue, Blackpool, at  7.30pm. All welcome, admission £1.